Red Cedar Technology Releases HEEDS 2016.10
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Red Cedar Technology Releases HEEDS 2016.04
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Discover Better Designs, Faster

Red Cedar Technology's engineering design exploration software and services will help you discover innovative solutions, reduce product development time and risks, and meet or exceed customer expectations.

New Optimization Principles
Our view of optimization is free of the constraints imposed by previous technology, because it is based on a new set of optimization principles that allow a more natural flow of thought and effort. Our HEEDS design exploration software is built around these principles, making it simpler to use than other tools, with fewer steps and complicated decisions involved.

Consistently Better Solutions in Less Time
Our consulting team uses a design exploration process based on these principles that consistently yields better solutions in less time. Implementing this process doesn’t require optimization expertise, which is why we're happy to teach it to you in our training classes.