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Webinar: Improving Chassis Performance with Design Exploration
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Hosted by the Design Exploration Team at Siemens PLM Software,
formerly Red Cedar Technology, jointly with MSC Software


Chassis design is a critical part of any vehicle development process. Meeting the challenging requirements for packaging, ride, handling, and durability requires a large investment in evaluating many different concepts. Virtual product development has aided greatly in reducing the time and cost of chassis development. However, the complexity of modern chassis systems in conjunction with the number performance goals and constraints, still makes improving designs difficult and time consuming.


In this online event presented jointly with MSC Software, we will discuss how design exploration with HEEDS and Adams Car can tackle the complex problem of improving chassis performance. We will demonstrate how design space exploration can be used to efficiently achieve an increased lateral force stiffness while maintaining a constant brake force steer.

December 15, 2016

10am Beijing / 11am Tokyo

12pm London / 1pm Berlin

2pm New York / 11am San Fran

Ian Hogg, Sr. Technical Marketing Manager
Red Cedar Technology

Yijun Fan, Product Marketing Manager
MSC Software


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