Customer Success Story:  ST Aerospace Achieves up to 12% Mass Reduction in Composite Aircraft Components

ST Aerospace logoST Aerospace is a leading independent, third-party aviation maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) company with an annual capacity of more than eight million man hours and extensive capabilities in engineering and development, engines, aircraft components repair and spares.

ST Aerospace approached the Red Cedar Technology consulting team for help optimizing the mass and performance of composite aircraft structural components: wings, tail and fuselage. Following the successful manufacture and performance of the prototype components designed by HEEDS MDO, ST Aerospace became the first HEEDS customer in Singapore.

“Since we have integrated HEEDS MDO into our design process at ST Aerospace, we have seen improved performance and decreased mass in our aerospace structural components. Complicated interactions and conflicting performance criteria are common with composite components, but HEEDS MDO is able to find high performing designs that intuition and experience alone cannot.” — Jessie Tan, Assistant Principal Engineer at ST Aerospace
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The aerospace industry continues to grow despite a rapidly fluctuating business landscape and increasing fuel and material prices. The benefits to the end user must also be balanced with the interests of the manufacturer, which typically include reducing weight and increasing fuel efficiency. The resulting designs are multidisciplinary and involve pinpoint tradeoffs in performance that are feasible in the face of variable structural loads, thermal environments, and atmospheric conditions.

How can these multiple interests and disciplines be integrated and simultaneously lower the cost and duration of your design process? Red Cedar Technology’s HEEDS optimization software is the answer.

For over a decade, HEEDS has led aerospace designers and engineers to develop innovative, standard-setting designs. HEEDS MDO is a powerful, multidisciplinary optimization tool that works with your current simulation tools to automatically discover optimum designs based on your constraints and performance requirements. The solutions HEEDS discovers for aerospace problems have increased safety, performance, efficiency, and fuel economy while also reducing mass and noise. With HEEDS, you will automatically optimize structures and systems to more effectively distribute static and dynamic loads.

HEEDS MDO has been used to evolve better designs for the following components and sub-systems:

  • Engine Components
  • Laminate Structures
  • Composite Wings
  • Landing Gear
  • Improved Airfoil Profiles
  • Sensors
  • Fuselage Structures
  • Composite Joint Layup
Growth-oriented companies realize that economic and industry specific challenges represent opportunities to excel, leap ahead of the competition, and become market leaders. They leverage the strengths of HEEDS to achieve optimum designs prior to the test phase, eliminate rework, minimize the need for physical tests, and lower their cost structure in the process.