Customer Success Story:  EDAG Experiences 18% Weight Reduction in Vehicle Body Structure with HEEDS MDO

EDAG logoEDAG, Inc. is an engineering partner to the international mobility industry. The company develops complete modules, vehicles and derivatives, and it provides model building, prototype construction, and tool and body manufacturing. With its subsidiary, EDAG Production Solutions, the company offers vehicle engineering and development of production plants and factory concepts. In addition to providing engineering services, EDAG implements turn-key production facilities for body-in-white and vehicle assembly plants.

EDAG circle graphEDAG was recently faced with the challenge of minimizing the body-in-white weight of a vehicle while maintaining manufacturability and performance, and minimizing any increase in cost. Prior to the company's adoption of HEEDS MDO, EDAG could not solve a complex optimization problem like this one, which involved 484 variables.

After 64 evaluations, HEEDS MDO identified a design that provided an 18% reduction in weight with a < 5% increase in cost.

“HEEDS allowed us to meet DFSS deliverables in record time” – Javier Rodriguez, EDAG

Current instabilities in the automotive industry are placing ever-increasing pressure on engineers and managers to reduce costs and improve quality. At the same time, they must meet or exceed high safety standards, while addressing a changing variety of customer feature preferences, including making additional features and functionality available to consumers at lower cost. Finally, increasing global competition makes a shorter time-to-market even more critical to success than ever.

For the past decade, Red Cedar Technology’s HEEDS® MDO design optimization software and consulting services have helped automotive engineers discover innovative, optimized designs faster, and with reduced material and manufacturing costs. Faster development time translates into a shorter time-to-market, giving our customers and clients a competitive advantage.

Automotive engineers worldwide use Red Cedar Technology’s technology and expertise to create high-performance passenger vehicles that are safer, lighter, and more comfortable. Our optimization strategies have improved the crashworthiness of systems and components, reduced NVH, and successfully discovered optimized designs for:

• Suspension systems
Hybrid electric powertrains
Armored vehicles
Seat systems
Exhaust systems
Electromagnetic sensors
Pistons, rings and gears
Heating and cooling systems
Bumper systems
Closure systems
Crashworthy body structure
and more...