Manufacturing and Processing

Customer Success Story:  HEEDS NP Reduces Wheel Bracket Mass by 14.2%
Magline asked Red Cedar Technology's consulting team to help them reduce the mass of a wheel bracket for Magliner hand trucks.
The final optimized design had a mass that was 14.2% lower than the baseline
design, and stress was reduced by up to 20% for several critical load cases. The final design retained superior durability and performance.

We were really impressed with the design identified by HEEDS NP. The mass reduction translates into a significant weight reduction for us, without compromising the quality of the final product.” - Dave Garski, Magline CorporationMagliner logo

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Manufacturing engineers are experiencing increasing global competition and, along with it, pressure to be more agile and innovative. Additionally, changes in the economy are forcing unexpected mergers, which alter the structure and efficiency of established supply chains. And customer demand for quick development of new products is increasing, while order sizes are decreasing.

As a leader in engineering analysis and design development, Red Cedar Technology is committed to helping manufacturing engineers discover innovative designs, faster.  Our proprietary optimization strategies allow you to:

  • Automatically and simultaneously explore hundreds of design variables and their relationships in product and process design scenarios.
  • Seek optimal values for sets of parameters that specifically affect performance and cost.
  • Improve any engineering system, including structural, thermal, fluid, acoustic, or electrical.
  • Evolve designs that simultaneously satisfy objectives and meet constraint targets.
  • Accelerate the design process while increasing the quality of the end result.
Over the past decade, our HEEDS® MDO design optimization software and  consulting services have helped engineers in manufacturing and processing to successfully discover optimized designs for
  •  Injection molding
  •  Stamping
  •  Forging
  •  Hydroforming
  •  Weld design
  •  Chemical processing