Cordis Uses HEEDS to Calibrate a Material Model for Nitinol
Cordis logoCordis automated the material calibration (curve-fitting) for nitinol using HEEDS optimization software, making the process much more efficient.

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Innovative materials pave the way for the creation of new products and technologies in every area of engineering. But engineers do not always have enough experience with new materials to fully understand their behavior or to utilize them most efficiently in complex systems.

Intuition is usually insufficient to deal with strong nonlinearities, anisotropy, and rate-dependent behavior. Yet these are often the very properties that give rise to the advantages engineers seek. For a given design application, engineers face the challenge of identifying and applying novel materials in a manner that meets the desired design criteria for performance, manufacturability, quality and cost.

Advanced optimization tools can help you meet these challenges by providing sophisticated search technologies for:

  • Composite layup design
  • Material selection
  • Material model calibration
  • Material property optimization
  • Material identification
  • Redesign for material conversion
  • and much more
HEEDS® MDO design optimization software is used worldwide to quickly and effectively solve the above problems in aerospace, automotive, biomedical and durable goods applications.

As a recognized technology leader in engineering analysis and design optimization, Red Cedar Technology provides the software solutions and engineering services to solve your most challenging materials-related problems.