April 2015  


HEEDS is taking flight! Over the last 12 months, our sales have doubled, our customer base has tripled, and we've seen success in driving innovation with four new patent applications based on HEEDS exploration. HEEDS is allowing more focus on product design and less on tedious model building and tweaking tasks.

Keep reading to learn more about exciting HEEDS happenings.

Customer Spotlight

HEEDS Hones Engine Port Design
Customers are increasingly using HEEDS to drive new port flow designs for both gasoline and diesel combustion engines with CD-adapco tools like es-ice, STAR-CD, Pro-STAR, and STAR-CCM+. Karl Oberhumer of CD-adapco and Domenic Barsotti of Red Cedar will summarize recent advances at the upcoming Internal Combustion Engine Workshops in Dearborn, MI and Modena, Italy

Courtesy of EDAGHEEDS Drives Lightweight Vehicle Design
EDAG uses HEEDS on several projects to drive lightweight vehicle design. As part of their work for NHTSA on evaluating new CAFE standards, EDAG worked on trimming weight from a body-in-white structure using high strength steels and optimizing geometry, gauge, and grade of materials. Read "Man Meets Software: The Culmination of Collaborative Optimization" in Desktop Engineering for a more in-depth article.

Trek BicycleAdvances in Bicycle R&D: Tapping into the Unknowns Using HEEDS Design Exploration and Cloud Computing
Join us on April 23rd for a free webinar to learn how to perform large CFD design exploration. Trek Bicycle is creating a disruptive shift in a traditional product development approach with integration of HEEDS, STAR-CCM+ and Rescale. Trek engineers are identifying high performing design concepts with cutting edge exploration techniques while gaining new analytic insights at an unprecedented pace. Register now.

Capability Updates

Here's a sneak peek of the upcoming version of HEEDS MDO 2015.04.

HEEDS MDO 2015.04 release includes several new capabilities that enhance usability and provide tools for better insights into your design space.

The major capabilities will allow you to: 

  • Define complex functions with ease in the upgraded calculator that now supports scripting based on Python
  • Work faster through streamlined definition and reuse of compute resource-specific details
  • Easily manage disparate compute resources for parallelization of one or more analyses (machine sets)
  • Incorporate branching in the process using conditions at the analysis level
  • Perform new curve fitting options such as "keep above" and "keep below" in addition to "match"
  • Use the new CATIA portal to simplify integration within the HEEDS MDO process
  • Achieve better insights into study results with enhanced learning through new decision-making tools such as clustering, computed user responses, and custom user performance

Other minor capabilities allow you to:

  • Identify compute resource type being used with new overlaid icons on top of analysis icons 
  • Gain quick insight with detailed version information displayed in MDO for all modules including portals 
  • Have the ability to select single analysis for "Evaluate Responses" 
  • Import results feature improved with easier browsing 
  • Take advantage of additional options in Copy Study to support additional use cases 
  • Export images for Excel portal 
  • Integrate more easily with support for visualization of CAD files 
  • Create multiple plots at the same time

HEEDS MDO 2015.04 will be released later this month and available for download through your Customer Portal login. For further information regarding this release, please view the Release Notes.

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Upcoming Events

Multi-Disciplinary Design Exploration Seminars
4/14: Zurich, Switzerland
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Ricardo Software European 2015 User Conference
4/14-15: Prague, Czech Republic
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VI-grade Users Conference 2015

4/15-16: Trieste, Italy
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Discover Better Designs, Faster Workshop
4/19: Tulsa, OK
4/21: Houston, TX
4/21: Göteborg, Sweden
4/23: London, UK
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Trek Bicycle Webinar
4/23: Online
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16th Annual Internal Combustion Engine Workshop
4/24: Dearborn, MI
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16th Annual Internal Combustion Engine Workshop
4/28: Modena, Italy
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2015 Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) 
5/4-5: Houston, TX
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Machine-Ground Interaction Consortium
5/12-13: Madison, WI
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SIMULIA Community Conference
5/18-21: Berlin, Germany
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Company News

Get to know two of our newest and brightest applications engineers who are ready to assist you.

Domenic BarsottiDomenic Barsotti - Application Engineer
Domenic began as an application engineer with Red Cedar in July 2014. He received his B.S. and M.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University where he taught HEEDS for a Structural and Multi-Disciplinary Design Optimization class. His research was in fluids of ground vehicle aerodynamics and energy storage systems such as cooling for hybrid-electric vehicles. He holds two patents from his work. He was also actively involved in the EcoCar2 competition. His role allows him to interface with many customers in providing technical expertise.

He has experience in metal fabrication and building racecars. He likes to make all kinds of things, but spends most of his time making wine, wooden kayaks, traveling, volunteering, and running the U.S. based operations of a charity in Haiti.

Mayank VaishMayank Vaish - Application Engineer
Mayank joined Red Cedar Technology in January 2015 as an Application Engineer. His primary responsibilities include providing technical support and training to HEEDS MDO users, work on consulting projects, and providing technical demos and presentations. 

Mayank brings more than 2 years of work experience and recently worked in the Computational Multi-Physics Laboratory at North Carolina State University, where he was a Graduate Research Assistant working on application of opensource CFD to a lung aerosol dynamics project. Mayank is a graduate of North Carolina State University and holds a M.S. in Mechanical Engineering. He enjoys watching movies, documentaries, sports; lifting; hiking; and traveling.

We look forward to our continued relationship on helping you discover better designs, faster with HEEDS.

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