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HEEDS has been making headlines as a powerful solution for design exploration. Our customers have been using its technology to win contracts and discover better designs, faster. Below are a few recent stories. Keep reading to learn more about exciting HEEDS happenings.

Customer Spotlight

Endress+Hauser Drives Innovation
Endress+Hauser flow conditionerEndress+Hauser, a global leader in flow measurement technology recently used SHERPA, Red Cedar's hybrid-adaptive design search algorithm, to discover an innovative new design for a flow conditioner for turbulent flows. Vivek Kumar, the engineer who conducted the CFD simulation and design exploration work, was awarded his company's Process Innovation Award. Endress+Hauser has a patent pending on the new design. Congratulations to Endress+Hauser! Their findings were presented at the MDX seminar in Zurich last month.

UTC Improves Thrust Reverser Performance
UTC Thrust ReverserTypical commercial aircraft with high bypass engines feature cascade type reversers to safely slow the aircraft during landing. The design of these complex devices is usually performed manually using lengthy CFD analyses complemented by expensive scale model and full scale testing during which more than a dozen parameters are iteratively optimized over the course of several years. A novel approach was presented at the 2015 STAR Conference using design exploration on a 2D axisymmetric CFD model. SHERPA was applied to automatically iterate on the key design parameters to identify high performing designs. This process eliminates the need for lengthy CAD design manual interaction, and is anticipated to significantly reduce the length and cost of the design and test process. See upcoming webinar on this approach. 

HEEDS Drives Electric Motor Design
Electric motorHEEDS is being used more and more to improve the performance of DC motors by automatically identifying best choices for the myriad design parameters. This eliminates the tedious trial & error work performed in the past and allows engineers to squeeze maximum power out of smaller, less expensive motors for consumer products, hybrid-electric vehicles, and military applications. Recent customer successes have included HEEDS linked with both SPEED from CD-adapco and JMAG from JSOL. For more information, see the recording of the recent webinar on optimizing vehicle drive cycle performance.

Capability Updates

HEEDS MDO 2015.04 Now Available
A new version of HEEDS MDO was officially released on 4/27/2014. To download a copy, please login to our Customer Portal with your credentials and choose HEEDS MDO 2015.04 from the Software and Documentation window. This release includes new portals to third-party software as well as enhancements to facilitate process automation, scalable computation, efficient search, and results interpretation (i.e., data mining). For further information regarding this release, please view the Release Notes.

calculatorRedeveloped Calculator
The calculator functionality in HEEDS MDO has been redeveloped using Python. The new calculator implementation provides significant enhancements over the previous releases. These new enhancements allow you to setup complex formulas with ease without requiring use of an external script or tool. Read more...

Logic in Process Definition
The process definition now provides support for the use of logic to drive the flow in the analysis process. One or more conditions can be defined at the analysis level to control whether an analysis will be attempted. Several scenarios that would have required specialized external scripts to capture the desired process behavior are now easily handled with this feature. Read more...

Ron's Reflections

Ron AverillRon Averill is one of the founders of Red Cedar Technology and a continuing contributor to our training programs. Ron takes the time to provide some thought-provoking ideas on expanding the usage of design exploration. 

Optimizing the Number and Location of Design Features
Recent advances in process automation and optimization search technology have made it easier than ever to perform automated design studies and discover innovative solutions. But we still have to define the problem we want to solve and then decide how to represent that problem in our models. These two tasks are sometimes challenging, and they rely heavily on experience and intuition. In this article as well as some future ones, we will share some of our experience in defining and representing various types of optimization problems. Hopefully you will find some of these techniques useful in your applications. Read more...

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Tapping into the Unknowns Using HEEDS and Cloud Computing
Did you miss the webinar on how to perform large CFD design exploration? Trek Bicycle is creating a disruptive shift in a traditional product development approach with integration of HEEDS, STAR-CCM+ and Rescale. Trek engineers are identifying high performing design concepts with cutting edge exploration techniques while gaining new analytic insights at an unprecedented pace. Watch now!

We look forward to our continued relationship on helping you discover better designs, faster with HEEDS.

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