March 2015  


I'd like to introduce myself... I'm Val Townsend, marketing manager at Red Cedar. I'm excited to join the team and our thriving community. Read more about me below.

It is my pleasure to bring you the latest news from Red Cedar Technology. We realize it's been a while since you've heard from us through email communication so it is my intention to keep you informed on a regular basis of all the HEEDS happenings.

HEEDS Smashes Barriers on Multi-Objective Design Studies

Dr. Kalyanmoy Deb, the leading global authority on multi-objective optimization and decision-making, has become an exclusive consultant to Red Cedar Technology to help drive the advancement of HEEDS. Dr. Deb's latest research on improving the distribution of competing designs along Pareto fronts is now included as the NSGA-III algorithm in the latest release of HEEDS. We think you'll like how it helps you discover great designs! 

Multi-Objective Industrial Duct Fan Design

Dr. Kalyan Deb, Professor
Michigan State University
Dr Kalyan Deb

Customer Spotlight
TREK Bicycle TREK Bicycle Is Leading the Performance Revolution
Trek Bicycle has been breaking barriers of innovation ever since its inception in 1976. The addition of HEEDS to their R&D process certainly emboldens the commitment in pushing the boundaries of cycling engineering even further. Mio Suzuki of Trek will showcase HEEDS applications at next week's STAR Global Conference.

Downey Engineering Hull Design HEEDS Drives Marine Hull Design
Cargo ship design requires a challenging balancing act between construction costs and operational efficiency. Naval architects strive to minimize hull drag while maximizing propulsive efficiency with limits on cavitation, erosion, and up-front material costs.  Damian Tatum of Downey Engineering will discuss how they use HEEDS to automatically drive hull form geometry changes at next week's STAR Global Conference in San Diego, California.

Triple 8 Driver Path Strategy HEEDS Maneuvers Motorsports Set-Up and Driving Strategy
HEEDS has been used by the Triple 8 BTCC race team to define best vehicle set-up and driving strategy using VI-CarRealTime and Adams. We recently held a Motorsports seminar at Charlotte International Speedway to highlight their success. Johnny Engstrom will present driver path strategy for race car lap timing at the upcoming VI-grade Users Conference on April 15-16 in Trieste, Italy.

Capability Updates
We are pleased to announce the release of the newest version of HEEDS.

HEEDS MDO 2014.11
This version was released on 12/15/2014 and is available for download. To download a copy, please login to our Customer Portal with your credentials and choose HEEDS MDO 2014.11 from the Software and Documentation window. This release includes several new capabilities that enhance usability and provide tools for better insights into your design space. For further information regarding this release, please view the Release Notes.

Some of the new capabilities allow you to:

  • HEEDS runtime monitoring Quickly monitor the progress and status of your studies, designs, and analyses all from within HEEDS MDO as well as HEEDS POST.
  • Save time with interactive creation of response surface models from within HEEDS POST and use in HEEDS MDO for use in sensitivity studies.
  • Streamline workflow with the ability to handle large numbers of competing design study objectives.
  • Visualize design shapes using plot animations allowing better insight and learning of your design space.
  • Make efficient use of allocated hardware resources with SHERPA by running the requested number of parallel designs for every cycle.
  • Easily re-attach the Modeler graphical interface to a running study.
  • Obtain more value with HEEDS Parallel licensing, which now allows unlimited evaluations.
JMAGGT-SuiteNew portals include:

  • GT-Suite (Engine & Vehicle Simulation)
  • JMAG (Electromechanical Design Simulation)

HEEDS MDO 2015 Beta Testing
If you are interested in being a beta tester for our upcoming version of HEEDS MDO 2015 set to release in April, please email Ranny Sidhu, VP of Product Development.

Upcoming Events

STAR Global Conference 2015
3/16-18: San Diego, CA
More info

Discover Better Designs, Faster Workshop
3/24: St. Louis, MO
3/26: Indianapolis, IN
More info

Multi-Disciplinary Design Exploration Seminars
4/14: Zurich, Switzerland
4/16: Frankfurt, Germany
4/22: Graz, Austria
More info

VI-grade Users Conference 2015
4/15-16: Trieste, Italy
More info

16th Annual Internal Combustion Engine Workshop
4/24: Dearborn, MI
More info

16th Annual Internal Combustion Engine Workshop
4/28: Modena, Italy
More info

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Company News
Please welcome two new faces at Red Cedar Technology. Always feel free to reach out to any members of our staff.

Mike Woratzeck Mike Woratzeck - Product Development Engineer
Mike started as a Portal Developer with Red Cedar in August 2014. He brings more than 30 years of software development and engineering experience and was most recently employed by MSC Software as a Senior Development Engineer in the Finite Element Pre/Post Processing area. 

Mike is a graduate of Clarkson University and holds a M.S. in Civil Engineering. He enjoys biking, walking, golf, the beach, music, dining out and wine.

Val Townsend Val Townsend - Marketing Manager
Val joined RCT in February 2015 as Marketing Manager. She brings over 20 years marketing experience in the engineering software industry. Previously, Val worked at DASI Solutions (a SolidWorks reseller), MSC Software Corporation and Mechanical Dynamics, Inc. 

Val received a B.B.A. in Marketing and Advertising from Eastern Michigan University. She enjoys being active with volleyball, golf, skiing, biking, and camping as well as spending time with family and watching her 2 young boys play soccer, baseball and football.

We look forward to our continued relationship on helping you discover better designs, faster with HEEDS. Red Cedar Technology, Inc.


Val Townsend
Marketing Manager

www.redcedartech.com | 517-664-1137