October 2015  

In this issue, we go undersea to find companies using design exploration. As with each edition, we strive to bring you useful articles and examples of how HEEDS is used to discover better designs, faster. Keep reading to learn more about exciting HEEDS happenings.

HEEDS User Group Webinar
You are invited to our next online North American HEEDS User Group (NAHUG) webinar on Tuesday, October 13 at 2:00pm EDT. There is no cost to attend. 

Our spotlight customer presentation will be on William Thomas and John Greenwood of FMC Technologies discussing "Subsea Design Exploration: Optimization of a Split Lock Ring to Maximize Load Capacity." Ranny Sidhu will also present new functionality in HEEDS MDO 2015. Register now! 

Customer Spotlight 
FMC Technologies Automates for Innovation
FMC Technologies, a leader in subsea engineering, has historically relied on an intuitive design approach to meet design requirements.  Recently, they standardized on HEEDS automated design exploration to help them discover better designs.  In the upcoming NAHUG Fall 2015 Meeting on October 13th, FMC Technologies will showcase their results of an optimization study performed on split lock rings for connecting large diameter and thick walled tubular equipment together for subsea oil and gas applications using HEEDS to maximize load capacity with size constraints. Please join our NAHUG meeting to hear more. 
HEEDS Assists in Subsea Engineering Program
The University of Houston has established the first U.S. Subsea Engineering Graduate Program focusing on energy exploration, production, and refinement. This marquee program, headed by Dr. Matthew Franchek, helps students address the following key challenges in the oil and gas industry: heat transfer of multi-phase flow within pipes, fluid-solid interactions of flexible structures (such as risers and pipelines), reliability of materials in the presence of corrosion (due to sea water), and integration and control of the complete subsea system.
HEEDS has been selected as an integral part of the curriculum to help students learn how to discover better designs, faster through simulation, process automation, and design exploration.

As an example in the program, students used HEEDS for design exploration on relief groove geometry for a threaded connection. HEEDS was able to reduce the maximum contact pressure in the relief groove while satisfying manufacturability and stress requirements.
Case Studies Highlighted at NAFEMS
Giorgio Buccilli of CD-adapco will present two design exploration case studies at the NAFEMS European Conference in Munich, Germany on December 2-3. The first presentation demonstrates the power of automated design exploration to shorten time significantly over manual CFD optimization while still improving thrust reverser design titled, "Improving Thrust Reverser Performance Through Design Exploration."  The second presentation titled, "Optimized Ship Design Using HEEDS & STAR-CCM+" discusses how HEEDS is used to automate the identification of new and efficient cargo ship designs with advances in simulation-based design, multidisciplinary design exploration, and scalable computation.

Product Highlights
Branching in Process Execution
Engineering design processes are not always single stream processes. There are times, especially in complex workflows, when the process execution needs to be modified (branched) based on the results of upstream events.  Read more...
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12/2-3: Munich, Germany
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Webinar Recordings
Tapping into the Unknowns Using HEEDS and Cloud Computing

Improving Thrust Reverser Performance Through Design Exploration


Better Products Faster through Multidisciplinary Design Exploration
Ron's Reflections
Ron Averill
Ron Averill is one of the founders of Red Cedar Technology and a continuing contributor to our training programs. Ron takes the time to provide some thought-provoking ideas on expanding the usage of design exploration. 

Using Semi-Independent Variables to Generate More Feasible Designs and Improve Search Process
Sometimes we intend for a set of design variables to be independent, but then realize that these variables need to satisfy a given relationship. How can a variable be both independent and dependent at the same time? We call these semi-independent variables. Read more...

Company News
We are excited to introduce 2 new members to the RCT team. 

Mike Dombroski
Mike Dombroski - Application Engineer
Mike brings more than seven years of experience and most recently worked at Simulia, where he was a technical specialist focused on aerospace and defense applications. Before Simulia, Mike worked as a senior application engineer at CD-adapco where he developed Optimate. Mike is a graduate of the University of Michigan and holds a B.S.E in aerospace engineering. He enjoys long-distance hiking, biking, and board games. He can be found engaging in these activities with his wife, Jill.

Ian Hogg
Ian Hogg - Technical Marketing Manager
Ian has spent over 20 years working in the CAE software industry. His latest work was at Dassault Systemes SolidWorks as senior product manager showcasing the benefits of simulation. Previously, he worked at MSC Software, Mechanical Dynamics and Design Technologies as Product Manager, Application Engineer, and consultant. He holds a Master and Bachelor degree in aerospace engineering from RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia. He and his wife, Michelle, have 3 children. 

We look forward to our continued relationship on helping you discover better designs, faster with HEEDS.

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Val Townsend
Marketing Manager