Partner Products

Our strategic partners have developed the following solutions by incorporating HEEDS into their own products.
CD-adapco™:  STAR-CCM+/Optimate
Explore Your Design Space Using Scriptless Automation and Optimization with STAR-CCM+
Star CCM+ Optimate The coupling of optimization techniques with high-fidelity simulation tools has long been recognized as a powerful combination in a design process, but barriers of time, cost and robustness have hindered the general adoption. CD-adapco, a recognized leader in engineering simulation, is changing the rules of engagement by making the optimization of complex CAE models quick and affordable. Now, STAR-CCM+ leverages its well-known strengths and a newly developed tool, Optimate™, to explore the design space using scriptless automation.

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ETA: DYNAFORM OP - Part of the Inventium Suite
Develop and design a formable part more quickly than ever with the DYNAFORM Optimization Platform
Star CCM+ Optimate For many years, tooling engineers have used DYNAFORM to simulate the process of metal stamping and uncover potential issues. Engineers can now go beyond identifying problem areas by incorporating design optimization to improve performance and quality-reducing wrinkling, thinning, and tearing. This streamlines die design, improved product performance and reduces manufacturing time and cost.

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Design Simulation Technologies: SimWise 4D 
Optimize both the motion and stress performance of your product line in one environment
SimWise 4D With SimWise 4D, you can simulate the rigid body dynamics of an assembly, “size” components, determine part interferences and collision response, identify stresses induced by motion, produce physics-based animations, and optimize your system’s performance all within a single software environment. SimWise 4D is for design and engineering professionals developing products involving assemblies of 3D parts. By simulating your assemblies in this unique virtual environment, you can produce more creative, robust designs and reduce cycle time.

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Ricardo Software: IGNITE 
Design and optimize complete vehicle system performance, drive cycles, fuel economy, and emissions
Ricardo IGNITE IGNITE is a physics-based system simulation package focused on complete vehicle system modeling and simulation. With a world-class library of vehicle system “building blocks,” users can quickly and accurately model complete conventional, hybrid-electric, full electric and novel vehicle architectures. Faster than real-time simulation, coupled with optimization tools provided by Red Cedar Technology, provide quick turnaround of vehicle performance, fuel economy, and emissions prediction from concept through detailed powertrain integration.

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