Customer Success Stories

BD logo  Adoption of HEEDS Improves BD's Design Process, Increases Customer Satisfaction, and Inspires Innovative Technologies
The use of HEEDS at BD has enabled the identification of product designs that have resulted in significant cost savings, superior acceptance in customer user studies and identification of innovative technologies.

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“Since our group adopted the practice of combining HEEDS optimization software with simulation two years ago, the strategic value that we can provide to the BD product development community has accelerated dramatically.”Anita Bestelmeyer, Manager, Corporate CAE Group, BD
Pratt Miller logo Pratt & Miller Uses HEEDS to Reduce Design Time and Lap Time
After evaluating multiple optimization tools, Pratt & Miller concluded that HEEDS MDO, and its proprietary SHERPA algorithm, is the only optimization technology that can solve their highly constrained models. According to Pratt and Miller’s Jesper Slattengren, “The SHERPA algorithm is currently superior to anything else that exists on the commercial market.” The use of HEEDS MDO software has enabled Pratt & Miller to reduce design time for their engineers and lap time for their drivers.
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“Pratt & Miller has evaluated multiple optimization tools, and HEEDS MDO, with the SHERPA algorithm, is the only one that can solve our highly constrained models.” - Jesper Slattengren, Pratt & Miller Engineering
JCI logo Johnson Controls Uses HEEDS to Reduce Mass of Automotive Seat Components by 21%
The objective of the optimization study was to reduce the mass of six first-row automotive seat components, including four mounting feet and two pivot brackets. Using HEEDS Professional, JCI was able to reduce the mass of the components by 21%.
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 Magliner logo
HEEDS NP Reduces Wheel Bracket Mass by 14.2% for Magline
The objective of this optimization study was to reduce the mass of a wheel bracket for Magliner hand trucks. The final design had a mass that was 14.2% lower than the baseline design, and stress was reduced by up to 20% for several critical load cases. The final design retained superior durability and performance.
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We were really impressed with the design identified by HEEDS NP. The mass reduction translates into a significant weight reduction for us, without compromising the quality of the final product.” - Dave Garski, Magline Corporation
 Cordis logo
Cordis Uses HEEDS to Calibrate a Material Model for Nitinol
Cordis automated the material calibration (curve-fitting) for nitinol using HEEDS optimization software, making the process much more efficient.
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SEEDR logo

SEEDR received a half million dollar grant from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to improve vaccine carrier design effectiveness. They leveraged Red Cedar Technology's team and software to improve the cold life of vaccine vials by over 80%.

“The Red Cedar Technology team and the HEEDS platform enable us to organize and process exceptional complexity, and rapidly explore simulation data that will expand our possibilities and drive our decision making.”  — Michael Moreland, Managing Director, SEEDR
  "We used HEEDS to design the thermo-hydroforming process parameters for deep drawing of an aluminum license plate pocket for a General Motors vehicle. The HEEDS optimization model successfully found the optimum process parameters quickly, when compared to the difficult and time-consuming alternative..."
— Farhang Pourboghrat, Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering, Michigan State University

  "The collaborative efforts between NVH Solutions and the engineers at Red Cedar Technology have produced truly innovative composite and elastomeric designs that have exceeded our customers' expectations for both performance and cost. We continue to work with Red Cedar Technology because of their in-house expertise, and because we trust them to handle every project on time, on budget and with the highest level of professionalism, quality and efficiency." 
— Scott A. Wellman, President, NVH Solutions

  "When we discovered a unique approach to bonding UHMWPE to other substrate materials, the engineering experts at Red Cedar Technology helped us to better understand our invention and get it patented. Then, using their advanced analysis and HEEDS design optimization technology, they developed new concepts and actual designs for several applications of our invention, helping us to break into new markets...Red Cedar Technology has provided all of our advanced engineering analysis and design for the past eight years. They are a great team to work with."
— Bruce Linker, President, Linktech
  "While engaged in a 'go fast program' for a major US OEM...we found ourselves in urgent need of an engineering resource that could supply several CAD disciplines. Red Cedar Technology stepped up and volunteered to apply their HEEDS technology - in short order they optimized several key components. When it was clear the in-house CAD skills of the offshore Tier I were seriously lacking, Red Cedar accepted not only the optimization and requisite FEA work, but the solid modeling and 2D Releases Packages, as well. This program is headed to production, on schedule, in no small part due the quick, nimble response of the Red Cedar Team and their willingness to take on non-core business to support the customer."
— T. A. Droste, Senior Engineer, American Hydromech