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HEEDS 2019.2 Available Now

HEEDS 2019.2 is available now!

Accelerate your engineering design processes and drive product innovation!

HEEDS 2019.2 continues to streamline design space exploration through improved functionality, enhanced post-processing, and automated analysis tool execution. These updates will help you to continue to drive innovation in product development and discover better designs, faster!

HEEDS 2019.2 Highlights

HEEDSReleaseNotes.jpgNew Script Recording and Playback
A brand-new high-level API layer has been developed for this release! It fills the gaps to access user interface functionality programmatically and to provide recording and relative playback of python scripts in MDO and POST. With this new feature, users can save recorded scripts to replay design space exploration tasks and boost their productivity and usability!

New Adaptive Sampling Strategy
New search strategies in Adaptive Sampling can now generate a higher accuracy surrogate model(s) when a limited number of designs are available. The machine learning techniques leveraged in this new feature are the first in a series of planned tool-sets, here allowing DOE sampling efficiency gains for users that need surrogate models for predictive analytics.

New Portals
New portals have been added to HEEDS 2019.2 to easily interface with your existing investment in simulation. Automatically connect to Aspen HYSYS and Autodesk Inventor without the need for custom scripting or manual manipulation.


Enhanced Remote Execution
HEEDS further leverages existing hardware investments with a new client server-based model that offers a more robust and efficient solution while using fewer resources. This is an initial deployment of the client server-based model that users should continue to witness in various regions of the product in the next few releases.



With Design Space Exploration at the forefront of an organization’s innovative drive, entire product lines can see a transformative and dramatic change in performance. All enhancements and updates of HEEDS 2019.2 increase usability, connectivity, and productivity to put all users more in control of the design process and of the analysis of results.

Simcenter™ software uniquely combines system simulation, 3D CAE and test to help predict performance across all critical attributes earlier and throughout the entire product lifecycle. HEEDS enables design space exploration for Simcenter.

To download HEEDS MDO 2019.2, log into your Customer Portal account or go to the Siemens Global Technical Access Center. The newest Release Notes and User Documents are also available for download on both sites.

NOTE: Your organization should have received an updated license file to coincide with the new release.

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