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Innovative Solutions to Your Challenging Problems

Our consulting services provide your team with the latest technology and expertise required to achieve innovative designs, while significantly reducing your product development time and cost. Our focus is on mentoring and deployment of state-of-the-art design exploration capabilities to get you to discover better designs, faster!

Our Services

We offer world-class expertise in design exploration methodology, implementation, parametric modeling, and deployment of design exploration within your organization. Geared toward helping your corporation drive innovation from cradle-to-grave, our services also encompass computer-aided engineering (CAE) modeling, finite element analysis (FEA), and software customization.

  • CAD Modeling & Analysis

  • Perhaps the most challenging component to design space exploration is building models in a robust parametric fashion -- suitable of encompassing design intent while regenerating regularly. Our team can help change your simulation models from one-off's to automatically building hundreds or thousands of design candidates.

  • Design Exploration

  • Multidisciplinary and multi-objective design space exploration of linear and nonlinear systems and manufacturing processes. Exclusive automated search technology is used to explore the design space and identify optimized solutions to your most challenging design problems, improving performance and quality while reducing mass and cost.

  • Application Customization

  • Specialized software design tools customized to your applications and workflow processes. By capturing and automating your workflow for CAE analysis and design exploration, these customized tools drastically increase the productivity of your engineering teams.


Our experience and exclusive design optimization technology can help you:

  • Identify innovative solutions to challenging engineering problems, with emphasis on superior performance, robustness, and cost savings. 
  • Develop more efficient designs that use less material and are easier to manufacture.
  • Achieve significant productivity gains in the design of their engineered products and processes.
  • Attain a competitive market advantage by compressing the time to develop superior product designs.
  • Eliminate overhead by working with a trusted resource for engineering expertise and services.

We help you discover better designs, faster

Client Testimonials

Companies worldwide have entrusted their most important engineering design projects to us. Our engineering expertise and unique design strategies have been used to design safer cars, life-saving cardiovascular stents, innovative structures for air travel and space exploration, robust manufacturing processes and much more. Here's what some of our consulting clients have said about their experiences:

The HEEDS folks are professional, intelligent, and exciting to work with. With their help, we were able to optimize an extrusion design by reducing mass significantly further than with traditional CAE methods.
Dan Casey
Dan Casey
Senior Applications Engineer, Steelcase, Inc.
We work with the HEEDS team because we benefit from their in-house engineering expertise, and we trust them to handle every project with the highest level of professionalism and quality.
Scott Wellman
Scott Wellman
President, NVH Solutions

The HEEDS team and the HEEDS platform enable us to organize and process exceptional complexity, and rapidly explore simulation data that will expand our possibilities and drive our decision making.
Michael Moreland
Michael Moreland
Managing Director, SEEDR

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Dan Casey
Dan Casey
Senior Applications Engineer, Steelcase, Inc.
Scott Wellman
Scott Wellman
President, NVH Solutions

Michael Moreland
Michael Moreland
Managing Director, SEEDR

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The HEEDS design exploration team provides software and services to help you discover innovative solutions, reduce product development time and risks, and meet or exceed customer expectations.


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