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July 2017
HEEDS Design Exploration Continues to Gain Momentum

Last month, we wrapped up a successful Optimize This! 2017 International HEEDS Conference at a new setting in Munich, Germany. The event highlighted strong presentations that created a lot interest. We were pleased to see design exploration thriving in the European community and are are thankful for our customers who make HEEDS shine. Keep reading to learn more about HEEDS news.

Customer Spotlight 
Exploring Suspension Systems for Critical Load Cases
A design exploration workflow is used within Ford's Chassis Team to discover better designs, faster. The workflow includes bush stiffness improvements using HEEDS and ADAMS, shape geometry for buckling force targets as well as suspension-level NVH. Ford-Werke GmbH illustrated their process at the Optimize This! 2017 International HEEDS Conference.
Innovating Powertrain Installation
China Euro Vehicle Technology, CEVT, is a development centre focused on finding smarter ways to build cars. One key step to support the multitude of chassis and powertrain configurations is the ability to quickly and reliably improve and balance performance of ride, NVH, durability and driveability for the powertrain installations. CEVT has implemented a multi-attribute design exploration process based on ADAMS/Car, MSC.Nastran and AVL Drive, all managed by a backbone of the HEEDS environment. Examples of how the process is executed along with typical output results were presented at the Optimize This! 2017 International HEEDS Conference by CAE Value AB.
Calibrating System Simulation Models for Railroad Switches/Turnouts
Railroad switches/turnouts are a key element of the rail network infrastructure and are responsible for a high amount of the operational costs as monitoring and maintenance is mainly manual. Points Diagnostics systems like the Sidis W compact by Siemens are used to monitor the current condition of the point machine by analyzing the electrical power demand of the drive and point machine operation module. The interaction of railway switch (points) and its drive (point machine) are complex. On both subsystems many different parameters act in a way that it will be difficult to predict its global behavior. The use of system simulation enables the engineer to understand the physical behavior of the railroad switches/turnouts. Siemens Corporate Technology has created a system simulation model using LMS Imagine.Lab Amesim, which includes different components such as the electrical drive and mechanical mechanisms to simulate the multi-physical behavior and interaction between the railway switch and point machine. The model contains physical parameters of the subsystems such as friction coefficients which are not measurable and has an influence on the results. To correctly predict the behavior of the components, the simulation model needs to be calibrated. HEEDS is used to automatically find the best parameter set for a defined machine. A presentation to demonstrate the methodology coupling LMS Amesim and HEEDS for an industrial application was given at the Optimize This! 2017 International HEEDS Conference.
Update: Hyperloop Completes Its First Full-Scale Test Ride
Hyperloop One, who presented at last year's Optimize This! 2016 HEEDS Conference on how HEEDS is being deployed to design the next mode of transportation, is making headlines again. Read full story.

"The Hyperloop is one step closer to becoming a reality. If it works, the new form of transportation could mean a journey from LA to San Francisco would take just 50 minutes." Watch the video.
Product and Services Highlights
HEEDS MDO 2017.04 Released

The HEEDS MDO version 2017.04 was released in May. The release contains many new features driven by users to help you discover better designs, faster. Some highlights:

  • HEEDS mdoStreamlined ways of importing and tagging parameters
  • Portals to Simcenter 3D, Amesim and Solid Edge
  • Pre-allocation of hardware resources for job submissions to clusters
  • Automated report generation
  • Radial and heat map plot displays

To download this version, go to your Customer Portal. Details on the new capabilities were shared in live webinars. If you missed any webinars you can catch them online under our webinar archives

Service That Customers Truly Want
Error iconNate Chase, our HEEDS Technical Team Leader, shares his philosophy on how we like to do customer service and support. Read more...
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Ron's Reflections

Ron Averill is one of the founders of Red Cedar Technology and a continuing contributor to our training programs. Ron takes the time to provide some thought-provoking ideas on expanding the usage of design exploration.

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Using Design Sensitivities
Design sensitivities are a measure of how much an objective or constraint response varies due to a small change in a design variable. Based on this definition, they are sometimes referred to as sensitivity derivatives. Let's discuss how to use them properly, as well as how not to use them. Read more...
Company News
Please welcome our newest member to the HEEDS Design Exploration Team.

Pierre Froment - Application Engineer
Pierre FromentPierre joined the HEEDS sales and services group as an application engineer in May 2017 and is based in France. Pierre has an extensive optimization background. Most recently he was at IRT SystemsX as a research engineer. He has also worked at Renault. He holds a PhD in Numerical Methods from Ecole Centrale de Lyon as well as master and bachelor degrees in mechanical engineering. His interests include sports (sailing, running), cooking and reading.

We look forward to our continued relationship on helping you discover better designs, faster with HEEDS.


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Marketing Manager
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