Insight & Discovery

Using HEEDS gives you the ability to easily explore performance tradeoffs during the virtual prototyping process and effectively facilitate design reviews. By using the software, you can:

 Gain insight into product design alternatives
Identify families of top-performing designs
 Indicate areas of cost-effective design changes
Support design reviews by providing sensitivity to design variables
Allow assessment of robustness to manufacturing tolerances 

sensitivity and robustness

Exploring design tradeoffs.

HEEDS provides users with the ability to easily compare performance over a wide spectrum of designs and find feasible design families that exhibit desirable characteristics and robustness. The software can help you understand design performance over any number of competing objectives and constraints.

By using HEEDS, you can easily identify the sensitivity of selected designs to input variables so you can confidently make immediate design decisions during reviews and identify predicted results.

In addition to identifying high performing designs that achieve performance targets, HEEDS also delivers insight to the engineer about design sensitivity, robustness, and trends. The goal is to help you drive greater product innovation.


Extensive Feature Set

Whether you need to improve the design of a simple engineered system or solve multidisciplinary problems, HEEDS is flexible and powerful enough to identify the values, or attributes, that will satisfy your design criteria. You can perform many different study types with HEEDS.