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Aerospace & Defense

For over a decade, HEEDS has led designers and engineers in aerospace and defense to develop innovative, standard-setting designs. HEEDS is a powerful, multidisciplinary design space exploration tool that works with your current simulation tools to automatically discover improved designs based on your constraints and performance requirements. The solutions HEEDS discovers have increased safety, performance, efficiency, and fuel economy while also reducing mass and noise.

HEEDS has been used to evolve better designs for the following components and sub-systems:

• Engine Components
• Laminate Structures
• Composite Wings
• Landing Gear

• Improved Airfoil Profiles
• Sensors & Antennae
• Fuselage Structures
• Composite Joint Layup

• Hatches and Doors
• Drive Trains and Transmissions
• IED-resistant/Driver-protective Hulls
• Ballistics Protection for Engine, Transmission, Battery, and Tire Components
• Chassis

Aerospace & Defense Customer Success

ST Aerospace Achieves up to 12% Mass Reduction in Composite Aircraft Components

ST Aerospace is a leading independent, third-party aviation maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) company with an annual capacity of more than eight million man hours and extensive capabilities in engineering and development, engines, aircraft components repair and spares.

ST Aerospace approached the Red Cedar Technology consulting team for help optimizing the mass and performance of composite aircraft structural components: wings, tail and fuselage. Following the successful manufacture and performance of the prototype components designed by HEEDS MDO, ST Aerospace became the first HEEDS customer in Singapore.

Since we have integrated HEEDS MDO into our design process at ST Aerospace, we have seen improved performance and decreased mass in our aerospace structural components. Complicated interactions and conflicting performance criteria are common with composite components, but HEEDS MDO is able to find high performing designs that intuition and experience alone cannot.
Jessie Tan
Jessie Tan
Assistant Principal Engineer at ST Aerospace

 ST Aerospace 

Airbus Improves Passenger Individual Air Nozzles

Modern commercial aircraft have sophisticated systems to provide a safe, healthy and comfortable environment for the passengers. These systems mostly operate invisible in the background, but the passengers can exert also direct control over their individual thermal environment by adjusting the air flow provided by nozzles in the overhead stowage compartment. Being only an optional system, the individual air nozzles received not much attention in the past and feature a high pressure loss, which are also a cause for flow noise. A significant simplification and weight reduction of the individual air distribution system will be possible, once the pressure loss of the nozzle is being reduced. The objective design exploraion work is to minimize the pressure loss of an individual air distribution nozzle while maintaining it main function – the cooling effect perceived by the passenger. 

Significant improvement in temperature difference were achieved while meeting pressure drop constraint and the full optimization was achieved in 2 weeks.
Andreas Ruch
Andreas Ruch
Airbus Operations GmbH


Pratt & Miller Engineering Uses HEEDS MDO to Optimize Military Vehicle Ride and Handling
Pratt & Miller Engineering has evolved from a small business focused on designing and building race cars into an international engineering powerhouse. Today, Pratt & Miller is recognized around the world as a formidable force in both motorsports and high-level engineering. 

Pratt & Miller's use of HEEDS MDO to optimize the ride and handling of a military vehicle (HMMWV) was recently featured in MSC Software's 'Simulating Reality' magazine.

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We believe in HEEDS and have seen tremendous benefit as we’ve applied it on several internal programs with great success.  HEEDS integrates well with our internal tools, as well as with the MSC products we represent and use. Because of our confidence in this technology, we have committed to reselling it and working closely with Red Cedar Technology to share it both with our customers and prospects.
Mark Palmieri
Mark Palmieri
Pratt & Miller Engineering

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