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In a competitive environment typically led by only a few key innovators, is your current way of thinking about engineering design holding you back from creating the next breakthrough in the energy market?

HEEDS is a ground-breaking design space exploration tool by Siemens PLM Software. In the race to research and develop energy for the future, it can get you there by maximizing profit, reliability, safety, efficiency; and minimizing power consumption, emissions, noise, and risk.

HEEDS will automate your design capabilities and help you to seamlessly improve parameters that satisfy the multi-disciplinary goals of energy development, and it will lower your lead time and cost simultaneously. With a fast and easy-to-operate interface, HEEDS makes available to you a robust solver that will combine with your current simulation technologies to flawlessly integrate your computing environment, align your design process, shorten your development cycle, and produce optimum, customer-satisfying designs. Industry leaders in the energy field have used HEEDS to discover better designs for:

• Centrifugal pumps
• Hydro turbines
• Turbomachinery
• Gas combustion

• Nuclear fuel
• Heat exchangers
• Reactors
• Power generation

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The HEEDS design exploration team provides software and services to help you discover innovative solutions, reduce product development time and risks, and meet or exceed customer expectations.


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